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About Us


The folks at Gift Elephant love to give (and receive!) gifts. But not so much to keep track of them. We could never remember if we bought Bill a sweater for his birthday last year... or if our niece or nephew is the Harry Potter fan... or if we ever sent Angela and David a thank you note.

So we created Gift Elephant, a simple site to:

  • Keep track of gifts given to friends, family, co-workers & clients
  • Remember who gave what for your birthday, holidays & wedding
  • Note individual gift preferences and gift ideas
  • Receive reminders for upcoming gift-giving occasions 
  • Make sure you gift everyone in the family equally (eg. so all nephews get comparable presents)
  • Organize your thank you notes, and mail personalized postcards directly from the site   

Will Gift Elephant change the world? Probably not. But, at the very least, we hope it removes some anxiety from the gifting process. 

And why “Gift Elephant”? Elephants have stellar memories and strong family bonds. Plus, elephants are cool.