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How It Works

Gift Elephant is the simple and free way to keep track of gifts you’ve given and received.

Step 1Create a Free Account in Seconds
  • Just provide an email and a password
  • Your account is private, so nobody can see what gifts you’ve given or received
Step 2Add Gifts You’ve Given… and Received
  • Answer a few quick questions (who’s the recipient? what's the occasion?)
  • Let us handle everyone on your mind -- family, friends, co-workers, clients, the postman, etc.
  • Add notes about special gift preferences
  • Ask Gift Elephant to email you a reminder next year
Step 3Add More Contacts
  • Populate your rolodex so you're ready when it's time to give a gift 
Step 4Organize Thank You Notes
  • Manage thank you notes you haven't sent 
  • Order sassy Gift Elephant greeting cards to give a smile along with your gift 
  • Create and mail personalized postcards from the site  
Step 5That’s It!
  • Enjoy your newfound peace of mind
  • Set up accounts for your kids (eg. to keep track of what you’ve bought their friends)
  • Spread the Gift Elephant word to family and friends!